Central Macedonia

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Central Macedonia

The Culture and Nature Destination

Doirani-Lake-Kilkis-Central-MacedoniaUnique land with a long history and continuous human presence from Prehistoric times, it was here, where the Twelve Olympian Gods encountered the ancient Macedonian civilization and the glory of Alexander the Great, it was here, where the Byzantine grandeur encountered the rise of the Christian faith. Here you can discover the Purity of Faith in the steps of St. Paul, the numerous churches and the unique Monastic State of Mount Athos.

Central Macedonia is a place of unsurpassed natural beauty, seductive azure seas and splendid sandy beaches,possibly, the most beautiful in Greece. Swimming, water sports, excellent food, quaint settlements steeped in tradition, exciting nightlife are the ingredients for unforgettable summers.

On the other hand, snow-capped mountain-peaks with modern ski centers, lakes and rivers with rare fauna and flora, little havens on earth with unique ecosystems, reward visitors year round.

Central Macedonia is a place with inexhaustible beauty and all the traits that make it an unforgettable destination, keeping visitors returning again and again, cosmopolitan urban centers, international cultural events and above all the warm smile and the hospitality of its people.


Alexander the greath – Thessaloniki -Central-MacedoniaIn a “leading role” since its founding, Thessaloniki, the city of Alexander the Great, of Saint Demetrius, of brothers Cyril and Methodius, beguiles its visitors with its ancient Macedonian heritage, its exquisite architecture from the Byzantine era when it was second only to Constantinople itself, the neoclassic mansions that grace its streets and foremost the warmth of its people. There are also many sights worth-visiting in rural Thessaloniki, including Byzantine monuments, marshlands, splendid beaches on Thermaikos and Strymonikos bays, hot springs and plenty of walking paths along the banks of beautiful lakes.

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Ammouliani-Halkidkiki-Central-MacedoniaThey say that ”there is no place like Halkidiki…” With 550 kilometers of coastline dotted with unbelievably beautiful beaches, the unique Mount Athos – UNESCO world monument, forests traversed by trails for endless walks, the tastes of honey and olive, Halkidiki, the birthplace of Aristotle, is a ”balancing act” between legend and reality. You might not have seen it yet, but you have surely dreamt about it!

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Vergina-Imathia-Central-MacedoniaImathia is a blessed landit. is the land of Alexander the Great, of Phillip II King of Macedon, the land where the great philosopher Aristotle taught and Saint Paul preached Christ’s word. It is the land of water, gastronomy, beauty, nature, history and culture, the land of hospitality, the land with beautiful landscapes and alternating hues and scents. A journey to the land of Alexander the Great!


Metalleiou-Lake-Kilkis-Central-MacedoniaWelcome to the northernmost part of the Region of Central Macedonia! Kilkis is a land still undiscovered,but beautiful and rich in history, tradition and customs. Visit the splendid wineries and taste unique wine varieties,find inner peace at the famous monasteries of Paionia,f ollow the walking paths through the beautiful mountain forests, rest your eyes upon the waters of Lake Doirani, Lake Axios,the Emerald Lake at Skra… Kilkis… escape into the magic of Nature!


EDESSA, PELLA, CENTRAL MAKEDONIA, GREECERich in cultural and natural heritage, the regional authority of Pella includes some of the most beautiful areas in Greece. It is the birthplace of ancient Macedonian kings Phillip and Alexander the Great. It has important archaeological sites, including the ancient Macedonian capital city of Pella. The Pellaia Chora and the new Archaeological Museum of Pella, ancient Edessa, the ski center at Boras Center- Kaimaktsalan, the traditional settlement of Agios Athanassios, the hot springs of Loutraki in Almopia, the marshlands of Agra, Vegoritida Lake,the Aeroclub Makedonia-Thraki in Panagitsa, the waterfalls in Edessa, the entire region of Myloi and Kanavourgi and the old quarters of Varosi, the monasteries of Archangel Michael and that of the Dormition in Lakka, the Rowing Centre of Loudia River and the Monument of Gazi Evrenos in Giannitsa are some of the most popular destinations with superb tourist infrastructure year-round.


Castle-of-Platamon-Pieria-Central-Macedonia.jpgPieria is best known for Mount Olympus from the Greek mythology. Some have heard stories from travelers who already visited it. But, the land of Pieria is even more fascinating than the myth and prettier than any recount. Very few other places combine endless beaches with golden sand and clean seas, mountains steeped in history and natural beauty, excellent tourist organization, low cost and superb transportation infrastructure that shortens distances to just minutes-long.

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Serres-Central-MacedoniaSerres is a miniature of Greece’s “national tourist product”, readily satisfying quests for many forms of tourism: environmental, speleological, archaeological, therapeutic, religious, winter, wheeling, sea tourism, agritourism, urban, cultural, folk and gastronomic. With hotels in every corner, a good road network, many “tourist enclaves” and easy access by car or train it can fully meet daily tourist requirements for short escapades. Its comparative advantages are many and the stay at a hospitable environment is very pleasant, not to mention the rich market and the exciting nightlife in town. Serres are expecting you!