North Aegean Islands

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North Aegean Islands

The Link Between Europe and Asia

Chios-windmills-North-Aegean-Islands-GreeceLying virtually between two continents, Europe and Asia, the islands of the north-eastern Aegean comprise the principle islands of Chios, Lemnos, Samos and Lesvos. They actually set the eastern borders of the Aegean Sea and spread along the coasts of neighbouring Turkey. Mountainous, green and mantled with forests, these islands are ideal for hiking but also blessed with long stretches of lovely beaches. Having common characteristics concerning both history and landscape, they were firstly inhabited in ancient times by Iones. Although somewhat less frequented, the islands have a very well-developed tourist infrastructure, capable of meeting the requirements of the most demanding holidaymakers, as well as congress organisers, while the smaller islands have recently become favourite weekend destinations for people who expect a holiday overflowing with customs and traditions.


Petrified-Forest-of-Lesvos-Lesvos-North-Aegean-Islands-GreeceLesvos the home of ancient lyric poet Sappho, has a unique diverse landscape: a petrified forest, marshlands, olive tree groves and beautiful beaches. The entire island is integrated in UNESCO’s Global Geoparks Network. With a history lost in the mist of time, important pilgrimages, unaltered cultural tradition and natural environment, Lesvos offers visitors unique scenery and experiences.


Lemnos-North-Aegean-Islands-GreeceLemnos the site of impressive rock formations and Ancient Poliochni – the first city in Europe with a social and civic structure – vineyards and hamlets untouched by time, offers visitors unforgettable vacations. The azure beaches at Gomati, Nevgatis and Avlonas are ideal for relaxation, while the beach at Keros is popular among surfers.

Agios Efstratios

Agios-Eustratios-North-Aegean-Islands-GreeceAgios Efstratios the small “verdant island” with the few and proud residents. This is the island of immense unspoilt beaches, grazing grounds, oak trees and dream vacations.


Chios-North-Aegean-Islands-GreeceChios the island with the distinctive scent of mastic and citrus tree blooms, has been the crossroads of important civilizations. Relax at splendid beaches in Mavra Volia, Agia Fotia, Giosonas and Komi; wander through the medieval settlements at Mesta, Pyrgi and Anavatos


Samos-Travel-North-Aegean-Islands-Greece-600x399Samos the home of Pythagoras, the island of great natural beauty: waterfalls, marshlands, caves, thick vegetation and vineyards. Visit the archaeological sites of Heraion Temple, the Efpalinion Tunnel and the Ancient Theater. Relax on splendid beaches with crystal clear waters at Mikro and Megalo Seitani; don’t forget to taste the famous local wines.


Ikaria-Seychelles-beach-North-Aegean-Islands-GreeceIkaria the island of longevity and relaxation. Wildly beautiful, it “moves” at its very own pace; this is where time takes on a different dimension. Be carried away by the intoxicating music at the local festivals and participate in the exhilarating Ikariot celebrations.


Oinousses-North-Aegean-Islands-GreeceOinousses a small cluster of islands with great maritime tradition. Built amphitheatrically, Aignoussa is ideal for relaxing walks through cobblestone alleys.


Psara-North-Aegean-Islands-GreecePsara a small island with a great and glorious past. Your visit there will not be complete unless you taste the scrumptious seafood dishes and the aromatic local honey.


Kampi-Beach-Fourni-North-Aegean-Islands-GreeceFournoi the small cluster of islands is the place where you can smell and taste your way back in time. Treat yourself to a delectable plate of spaghetti and lobster at one of the traditional taverns along the quaint harbor.