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3, Nausikas Str., 49100, Corfu Island, Ionian Islands, Greece
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Bareboat charter and flotilla sailing in the Ionian Islands of Greece...
Known as a yachtsman’s paradise…

Odysseus Yachting Holidays is the right choice for sailing holiday in the Ionian Islands. The Ionian Sea, with its beautiful islands, secluded covers, rocky bays and sandy beaches is known as a yachtsman s paradise. Odysseus Yachting Holidays has been organizing bareboat charter and a very popular flotilla program in this idyllic sailing area over 30 years.

The Ionian Islands is a favorite destination for both novice and experienced sailors. Gentle calm seas make it one of the safest sailing areas in the world and yet there is plenty to do and see. The scenery is beautiful and there are numerous secure anchorages.


Yacht Partnership
Owning an asset that works for you

We offer two Yacht Partnership schemes, the 58% down with no income and the 100% down with a guaranteed income of up to 9%. Both schemes give you all the benefits of owning your own yacht without any hassle or expense. You just sit back and enjoy the rewards which include the use of your beautiful new boat for up to 7 weeks every season.

No further payments whatsoever are required from you, including yacht insurance, mooring fees, winterization, cost of maintenance and repairs. All such costs will be entirely covered by Odysseus Yachting Holidays throughout the whole management period.

Your Partnership with Odysseus Yachting Holidays is full guaranteed.

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